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BJan Djahanbani

The owner and creative genius behind Artifacts is BJan.

BJan spent most of his childhood in Iran, also known as Persia.  This area is largely considered the center of the world's best hand made rugs.  BJan's grandfather had a great love and appreciation for this local art form.  Great rugs were the focal point of each house. 

Upon graduating from BYU in 1987 BJan took the opportunity to work for a well-known rug showroom in the Pacific Design Center in Los Angeles.  After a few years of learning all about the high end world of hand knotted collectable rugs, BJan was offered a sales representative position for a leading rug and carpet importer out of New York. 

In 1991 BJan was recruited to help start up a new designer supply showroom in Palm Springs where he continued to expand his knowledge and experience focusing on the high end and designer side of rugs and carpets.  In 1996 BJan and his wife, Becky, decided to move to Utah and be close to their extended family.  They started a sales agency representing high end carpet and rug companies in Utah, Idaho, Wyoming, and Montana.

BJan, and the whole Artifacts organization, continues to support the craft and art form BJan learned as a child as well as the new art forms created with modern technologies and materials.